Coyote Roadhouse BBQ

2016 Crew Photos

ABC 7 Chicago Show
Ed showing the Morning Show Crew on ABC 7 Chicago what to expect during the Naperville Ribfest coming up in July.

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ABC 7 Chicago Sunday Morning Show
Ed and the crew on the Sunday Morning show that aired on Sunday, June 26th on ABC 7 Chicago to promote Naperville Ribfest.

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Porky's Ribfest Crew
Another great weekend during the 4-day event known as Porky's Ribfest held at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL


St. Louis Rib Fest Crew
Showing off the new red shirts (the other kind of red shirts) during the St. Louis Rib Fest held in St. Charles, MO in May.


Viva Cinco de Mayo Crew
Happy Cinco de Mayo from the crew at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL for the first time event called Viva Cinco de Mayo


Classic Trophy Photos

Ed and Big Red at Big Red Rib and Music Festivals' award ceremony getting the BIG trophy

Best of Show
Ed with his trophy from Glendale, AZ for the best award of hem all...

2014 Best of Show!

Best Ribs
Smiling through our Trophy for Best Ribs while in Phoenix, AZ!

Coyote Roadhouse BBQ